The biggest question people ask once they’ve booked a branding shoot with me is “What should I wear?”.

Not sure what to wear to your next branding photoshoot? Don’t panic! Here are some of my best clothing tips for your branding photoshoot…

Wear clothes that match your brand’s style and aesthetic.

If you’re a business coach who’s known for your relaxed attitude and only ever wears jeans and a white T-shirt, is now the time to try a full business suit with fancy heels?

Perhaps you’re a fitness business. It’s going to be much more like that you’ll be found in yoga pants or sportswear.

If your brand style is relaxed then you’re not going to want to be dressy, just as if you’re aesthetic is more elegant it would be odd to see you dressed in yoga pants (even if that’s what you wear most of the time!)

Choose neutral or solid colours

Neutral or solid colours tend to photograph better than busy patterns. Prints can work well too, but choose carefully considering your backdrop, these work better on clean and neutral backgrounds, with complimentary colours.

There are certain Patterns like dogstooth in suits that create a really crazy optical illusion in photos too and consider avoiding stripes and checks as they can be distracting.

Choose soft or sheer fabrics. They photograph really well and give a nice feminine vibe to your brand imagery.

Solid or neutral colours will work better if your shoot location is more fussy too. If you’re in a house that has loads of colour or has lots of ornaments and things on the wall then you’ll want to stand out…not clash with the background.

Avoid clothing with logos or branding,

Clothing with logos or branding (unless it’s your own logo or branding) can distract from the overall message of the photoshoot.

Years ago I did a shoot where a man turned up with a rude word on his T-shirt. It’s the sort of thing he wore all the time. And I’ve no problem with it… but on a photo that you’re sharing on your website or social media – how will your ideal client view that?

Dress in layers to add depth and dimension to your outfit.

The benefit of layers is that not only do you add interest to your outfit, but you’ve also got the option of removing something to change the look of the outfit.

Consider the location and setting of the photoshoot

Will what you wear look out of place in the location you’ve chosen for your shoot? To be honest this doesn’t always matter because the photos have blurry backgrounds. But will it look weird if you’re dressed for a night out but stood in a field?

Wear clothing that fits well

It seems kind of obvious that it’s a good idea to wear clothes that fit well. But how often do you wear something because you love it (or like me…because you refuse to go up a size in clothes and admit that all that Christmas cheese might just be showing ) and you feel uncomfortable – which translates into your photos.

It’s also a good idea to choose clothes that are in good condition too. Check for holes, stains, bobbles and baggy bits. There are definitely things we can fix in Photoshop but it takes a lot longer (and costs a lot more!) than switching out your jumper.

Avoid wearing clothing that is too tight or too loose.

Leading on from wearing clothes that fit well we want to avoid anything too tight as it can be unflattering in photos, like tops that pull tight or ruffle up when you sit down (chances are we’ll include some sitting down photos).

The other thing people often don’t realise is that anything too big for you can also look unflattering. Baggy Clothes tend to add bulk,  rather than hide anything.

Choose comfortable clothing that you feel confident in.

How you feel in your clothes makes such a huge difference to how you look in your photos.

Wearing something uncomfortable or overly fitted is just going to restrict you and make you feel self-conscious.

If you feel comfortable and confident this will shine through in your photos.

Have some variety

For a mini session, an outfit with a jacket or cardigan that you can slip on or off quickly gives you different looks. For a 2-hour session, I would recommend 3-4 outfit changes for variety. For longer sessions, you would have time for more outfit changes and can incorporate outfits you’d wear while working from home (meeting with clients), out and about (like a brunch or date night) and speaking or attending a conference or business event for example.

If you have more than one option you’re going to get more use out of your photos, rather than it looking like one photoshoot.

Consider the season and weather

Classic styles that can be worn year-round are always a safe bet. If you’re shooting in the autumn/winter, mix in some pieces that you’d also wear in the spring/summer but add a jacket or a cardigan for different looks. 

Wear neutral colours that will match any location. If you want to bring in some bolder colours or your brand colour palette, wear them in your accessories or pieces you can easily remove or switch out (like a jacket or top), so that you can quickly change it up for more options.

Mix in trendy pieces to really show off your style. A statement top, skirt or pair of shoes will catch the eye. A good mix of both classic and trendy brings balance to your imagery and keeps your photos timeless.

Before you buy anything new for your brand photoshoot, shop your closet! Chances are you already have outfits that haven’t been seen by your clients yet. There are so many ways you can update pieces from your current wardrobe for the season, or current looks – Before you go shopping, see what you can create with what you already have.

If you’re looking for specific ideas for looking casual but polished, try:

  • A matching suit with t-shirt and chunky trainers
  • A favourite dress with a pair of boots
  • Jeans and a soft shirt with a pair of low heels

These are all suggestions that you can switch up to make into your own personal style. You can also add layered necklaces, earrings and rings to complete the looks!